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<strong>Company</strong> Profile
United Pharma is one of the most professional pharmaceutical companies who focus on improving the quality of life since 2006, as well as keeping pace with the rapid changes taking place in both the local and international market places, by this we are able to excel in serving our customers, suppliers and community.
Since day one, we have continuously improved people’s lifestyle by providing leading products around the world, while ensuring the product’s affordability, safety, integrity and performance.

We truly believe our talent to be our greatest competitive advantage, consequently we continue maintaining the highest standard of organizational performance through training, developing and retaining talents.United Pharma is composed of three main divisions that cater to various needs of hospitals, pharmacies, health care centers and hypermarkets throughout Kuwait, this is accomplished through each division and its respective professional staff.

Along with these divisions, we have a strong regulatory affairs department which has an excellent access and relation with the DRD (Drug Regulatory Department) in MOH which facilitate and accelerate our regulatory processes.

Contact: +965 22280301

Email: info@unitedpharma-kw.com, Address : Qebla, Block 13, Soor Streat, Qebla Square tower, 28th floor

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